The NeuroSKILL Project

The NeuroSKILL Project is now CLOSED

Neuroimaging at work


Increasing awareness, education and training in dementia through neuroimaging in the Ireland Wales region

About NeuroSKILL

This EU-funded NeuroSKILL project represents a collaboration between the School of Medicine in Trinity College Dublin, the School of Medicine and Medical Science in University College Dublin, and the School of Psychology in Bangor University which will involve the development of training programmes in neuroimaging in dementia, technology transfer, and translation of technical neuroimaging information into a more accessible and useful format.

NeuroSKILL is a €1.7 million project funded under the EU ERDF INTERREG 4A Ireland Wales Scheme.

Set within the life sciences sector of the Welsh framework for economic renewal and the Irish SMART economy, NeuroSKILL will link research in medical technology to service delivery leading to a responsive partnership between academia, the third sector and private enterprise.

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Health Context

NeuroSKILL aims to broaden and deepen the skills base within the regions with targeted training interventions and novel information delivery technology.

In Ireland 44,000 are living with dementia along with a further 12,000 in North Wales and with an ageing population this trend will rise.

Individuals and institutions supporting the needs of older people need more support to recognise those currently at risk and to prepare for the future.

There is an increasing need for training amongst specialist staff which NeuroSKILL, through collaboration between academia, the third sector and private enterprise, will meet in an innovative way based on targeted training.

NeuroSKILL is a bold demonstration of the application of academic research to the future needs of business.