Paul Mullins

Dr Paul Mullins

Currently Director of the Bangor NeuroImaging Unit, Senior MRI Physicist, and senior lecturer in the department of Psychology, Paul collaborates with researchers from the College of Health and Behavioural Sciences on neuroimaging study design, data acquisition and processing and resources available to help with their research questions. He is also the Course organiser for the Masters in Neuroimaging. Actively involved in research using magnetic resonance spectroscopy to measure neurochemistry in central nervous system function and disorders, he has 24 publications in the area with a citation count of over 700. In particular, projects are aimed at measuring neurotransmitter (Glutamate, Glutamine and GABA) changes and relationships in response to external and internal stimuli. Most recently, work has focused on the simultaneous acquisition of MRS and EEG data to better elucidate the neurochemical correlates of neuronal activity.